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From Cosima Paul <>
Subject Re: problem with sending a SOAP message to twister (instead of twister-message)
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 15:00:28 GMT
Hi Matthieu,

thanks a lot for the answer. I read through the code of Davide but I was 
not able to find the piece where the SOAP  header is initialized. If I 
look at other SOAP message header examples I cannot figure out what's 
missing. By the way: I do not create the message in a Java class. I want 
to post the SOAP-message in an xml-file to the Agila engine via the 
"send message" interface.


Matthieu Riou schrieb:

>Have a look at the mailing-list archive, the thread named "get back
>the response message" here:
>There's some code in the message sent on Sun, 05 Feb, 11:05 by Davide
>Ling. You're probably missing the SOAP header initialization part.
>>Hi,I am totally new to BPEL and the whole Web-Services "thing". ;-)
>Iwanted to transform the Twister-Message for example1 (from the
>samples)into a SOAP message and send it to the Twister engine. The
>problem is,that I always get the error "Remote error : No partner,
>portType oroperation are included in the message..". I cannot figure
>out what iswrong - there is not so much documentation about sending
>SOAP messagesdirectly to the twister engine. I tried to transfer the
>knowledge fromthe developer guide's java code into the SOAP message.
>Please couldanybody help me by looking onto the sourcecode posted in
>the lowersection of this eMail?Kind regards,Cosima<!--- this is the
>SOAP version --><?xml versionu003d"1.0"
>   <tws:namexmlns:twsu003d"">loanApprovalProcess</tws:name>
>   <tws:namespacexmlns:twsu003d""></tws:namespace>
>   <tws:partner xmlns:twsu003d"">          
> <SOAP-ENV:Text xml:langu003d"de-DE">loaner</SOAP-ENV:Text>   
></tws:partner>    <tws:port
>xmlns:twsu003d"">        <SOAP-ENV:Text
>xml:langu003d"de-DE">loanServicePT</SOAP-ENV:Text>    </tws:port>   
><tws:operation xmlns:twsu003d"">       
><SOAP-ENV:Text xml:langu003d"de-DE">request</SOAP-ENV:Text>   
></tws:operation></SOAP-ENV:Header><SOAP-ENV:Body>    <tns:acknowledge
>         <ex:firstName>john</ex:firstName>         
><ex:lastName>doe</ex:lastName>          <ex:amount>5000</ex:amount>
>        </ex:creditInformationMessage>   
></tns:acknowledge></SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope><!-- this is
>orginal version from the example 1 --><!--<?xml versionu003d"1.0"
><partner>loaner</partner>    <port>loanServicePT</port>   
><operation>request</operation>    <message>       
><firstName>john</firstName>        <lastName>doe</lastName>  
><amount>5000</amount>    </message></twister-msg>-->

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