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From Davide Ling <>
Subject Re: sample of bpel file
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 21:53:25 GMT wrote:

>So is this should work?
><sequence name="main">
>            <!-- Receive input from requestor.
>             Note: This maps to operation defined in tecpbpel.wsdl
>             -->
>            <receive name="receiveInput" partnerLink="tecp"
>portType="tns:tecpbpel" operation="initiate" variable="receiveInput"
>            </receive>
>            <assign>
>                  <copy>
>                        <from variable="receiveInput"></from>
>                        <to variable="input"></to>
>                  </copy>
>            </assign>
>            <invoke name="callExceptionService"
>partnerLink="exceptionservice" portType="tns:ExceptionService"
>operation="tns:processExceptionItem" inputVariable="input"
>            </invoke>
>            <reply name="reply" partnerLink="returntecp"
>portType="tns:ExceptionService" operation="tns:processExceptionItem"
>            </reply>
>      </sequence>
>I send the receiveInput variable to the engine, then assign it to input
>variable  and invoke webservice with input as input variable and and output
>as output variable.  Finally reply this variable back.  Do I have to define
>the portType for this reply, if so is this a LocalPort (like the initiator
>port)? how about the operation and th partnerLink?
Looking your process I realize that the invoke is on a two-way 
syncronous operation (input and output variable).

I think If you want to send back the output variable to who called the 
Agila engine
 the reply partnerLink has to be the same as the receive one (tecp).

I see PartnerLinks as logical connection wires.

Matthieu, Is it true? ;)


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