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From Davide Ling <>
Subject Re: sample of bpel file
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2006 23:50:21 GMT
On Monday 06 February 2006 23:49, wrote:
>             <receive name="receive" partnerLink="returntecp"
> portType="tns:returntecp" operation="process" variable="receiveOutput" >
>             </receive>
>             <reply name="reply" partnerLink="returntecp"
> portType="tns:returntecp" operation="process" variable="receiveOutput">
>             </reply>
>       </sequence>
> </process>

I don't understand , who call the initiate operation?

Last reply is for the second receive (partnerLink "returntecp").

This process works only if some client first invoke the "initiate" operation
on "tecp" partnerLink. Otherwise no istance woud be created.

Do You want your process reply to the first receive or the second one?

(I'm sorry, in Italy it's tool late now! I go to bed! Bye!)
Davide Ling
Sito Personale -
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