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From Matthieu Riou <>
Subject Re: redeployment of processes (twister)
Date Sat, 20 Aug 2005 20:12:13 GMT
> I'm having trouble when redeploying a process definition to twister. As
> soon as I delete a process and deploy the manipulated process again, the
> correlations can not be found.
> In this case I have to reset up the database because they will never be
> found again, whatever I try does not solve that... hmmmm.... Any
> solution for that?

This sounds like a bug as this should work. Did you try redeploying
directly without suppression ? You actually don't need to delete
before redeploying and this could be a workaround. I'll try to
reproduce your error to see if it's really a bug.

> An other problem: I have two wsdl docs, the first one is for the process
> and the second one is for an axis webservice. Now, it seems to be  a
> matter of in which order I deploy the wsdl docs.
> a) deploying the two wsdl docs first results in an error: correlations
> not found (even started with a clean database)
> b) deploying the wsdl  for process, after that the bpel doc and then the
> second wsdl results in an error: could not read a WSDL file (why?)
> c) deploying the bpel doc first, followed by the two wsdl docs results
> in an error: no wsdl (which is ok to me).
> so, what am I doing wrong?

With Agila BPEL you need to merge the different WSDL descriptions to
have only one. We don't support several WSDL descriptions for a single
process yet.



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