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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Agila Wiki] Update of "AgilaBpelInstallationGuide" by AndrewWhelan
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 03:41:24 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by AndrewWhelan:

The comment on the change is:
Changed maven cmmand to "mvn". Added note for finding current agila version.

  To obtain Agila BPEL, you have to checkout the sources from our Subversion repository. Install
a [ Subversion client] and run:
- svn checkout -r 365970 
+ svn checkout -r [version_number] 
+ ''Note: The "version_number" in the above command specifies the version of agila for checkout.
a list of current versions can be found by visiting [].''
  You are now a happy owner of Agila :) The revision provided is the latest stable version.
@@ -41, +43 @@

  Using a console go to Agila BPEL source distribution root (should be something like agila/trunk/modules/bpel)
and type:
- maven buildall 
+ mvn buildall 
  This will build all Agila BPEL modules. The results of the build are placed in the target
directory of each module (usually a jar or a war). The two necessary Agila BPEL web applications
that you deploy in Tomcat are in client/web/target and engine/wsa/target.
@@ -49, +51 @@

  If you like to do some tweaking or development of Agila BPEL, to build a specific module,
- maven jar:install 
+ mvn jar:install 
  for a library module and
- maven war 
+ mvn war 
  for a web application module.
@@ -82, +84 @@

  Agila BPEL configuration is using HSQL by default so there is nothing special to setup.
The only thing you need to do is starting HSQL and initialize the database. Two Maven goals
have been defined in the dist submodule. The first one starts an HSQL instance and the second
initializes the database with the right schema. To use these two goals just go to the modules/bpel/dist
directory and run:
- maven hsql:start
+ mvn hsql:start
- maven db:create
+ mvn db:create
  === Using your own Database ===
@@ -118, +120 @@

  Make sure that your database is running and that a database has been created for Agila BPEL
(according to the connection URL) and run (still in the dist module):
- maven db:create
+ mvn db:create
  This should initialize all tables properly. Before restarting Tomcat don't forget to copy
your database JDBC driver in tomcat/common/lib and to rebuild the two WAR files (they will
be updated with your new Hibernate configuration).

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