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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Agila Wiki] Update of "AgilaBpelInstallationGuide" by MatthieuRiou
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 10:03:54 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by MatthieuRiou:

  The other thing you will need is a relational database installation. For testing and playing
around, Agila BPEL is shipped with HSQL-DB , an open source relational database written in
Java but even if HSQL is a pretty fast database it doesn't scale very well so we wouldn't
recommend using it in production. Agila BPEL can be integrated with a large variety of databases
like MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase…  We will explain later how to setup Agila BPEL to use HSQL
first and then your own database server.
- You shouldn't worry about the XML database as Agila BPEL is also shipped with a XML database
: Apache Xindice. We will explain how to install it later (it's also rather easy) in this
+ You won't need to worry much about the XML database as Agila BPEL is well integrated with
Apache Xindice. We will explain how to install it later (it's also rather easy) in this document.
  Right now Agila BPEL hasn't been released yet, so the only way to obtain a distribution
is to build it yourself. But don't worry, building Agila BPEL isn't hard if you have to right
@@ -64, +64 @@

  == Deploying in Tomcat ==
+ Before deploying you'll have to download __Xindice 1.1b4__ to deploy it in Tomcat as well.
Just pick the webapp version (
  In short:
   1. Copy the two war files obtained after compliation to tomcat/webapps.
   2. Copy hsqldb-x.x.jar (or your database's JDBC driver) to tomcat/common/lib. ''Note: Use
the hsqldb-''
   3. Copy engine/wsa/src/test/resources/conf/hibernate.cfg.xml and agila-configuration.xml
to Tomcat/common/classes.
+  4. Copy Xindice war file included in Xindice's distribution in tomcat/webapps (make sure
the file name is 'xindice.war').
  A default Agila BPEL installation will look for its services on localhost port 8080. To
change these settings you will have to update a configuration file named
bundled in agila-client-x.x.jar packaged inside agila-web.war. If you have to update this
setting, the best alternative is to remove it from the jar file and then place it anywhere
you like in Agila BPEL web application classpath (either in tomcat/common/classes or in tomcat/webapps/agila-web/WEB-INF/classes).

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