I defined an action-listener in my faces-config.xml.  Sometimes it is being called, and sometimes it isn't.  When it isn't called, there is a DatabaseException (missing table or view).  I have tried putting in println's and it's definite that the first line of the processAction isn't being called.  I'm using myfaces, tomahawk and trinidad.  The tag that fails is:
< tr:navigationPane hint = "tabs" >
tr:commandNavigationItem text = "Quad Based" selected ="#{tabNavigationBean.quadBased}" actionListener ="#{exRABean.laserDiagnosticsQuadBasedAction}" rendered ="#{navigationBean.laserDiagnostics}" ></ tr:commandNavigationItem >

Other tags like this work fine.  Note that laserDiagnosticsQuadBasedAction(ActionEvent) is being called.