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From Nicolas Kalkhof <>
Subject [trinidad] how do components work during ppr?
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 13:14:18 GMT

i have some basic questions about how trinidad/adf components work during ppr. i wrote a custom
outputtext component but didn't get ppr to work at all. it seems that i miss the basic understanding
how for example the tr:outputtext component obtains the new data from the model during a ppr

my custom tag handler class extends UIXOutputTag and uses setProperties() to set the values
to my component. in my renderer class like this:

public class RichSymbolTextTagHandler extends UIXOutputTag { // JSF 1.2 compliant!
  private ValueExpression valueTextVE = null;
  private ValueExpression partialTriggersVE = null;
  public void release() {
    this.valueTextVE = null;
    this.partialTriggersVE = null;
  final public void setValueText(ValueExpression valueTextVE) {
    this.valueTextVE = valueTextVE;
  final public void setPartialTriggers(ValueExpression partialTriggersVE) {
    this.partialTriggersVE = partialTriggersVE;

  protected void setProperties(FacesBean bean) {    
    if(this.valueTextVE != null) {                    
      if(!this.valueTextVE.isLiteralText()) { // unified EL 
      else { // plain text

since the setProperties method is NOT called during a ppr request, how can my component access
the data?
in my renderer implementation i use decodeInternal() to set the partialtriggers - without

   public void decodeInternal(FacesContext fc, UIComponent uic, String  clientId) {// JSF
1.2 compliant!
      super.decodeInternal(fc, uic, clientId);          
      String[] s = getPartialTriggers();
      RequestContext reqC = RequestContext.getCurrentInstance();
      reqC.addPartialTriggerListeners(uic, s);     

is this the right way to go? could anyone give me a hint what to do?

thanks in advance and best regards,
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