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From Petr Kotek <>
Subject [Trinidad] Button Skinning
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 08:14:11 GMT

I have a problem with skin for server side renderd buttons.

In CSS file  I have:
.AFButtonStartIcon:alias {
  content: url(images/crcBtnStart.gif); width: 2px; height: 18px;

.AFButtonEndIcon:alias {
  content: url(images/crcBtnEnd.gif); width: 2px; height: 18px;

.AFButtonTopBackgroundIcon:alias {
  content: url(images/crcBtnTop.gif); width: 1px; height: 2px;

.AFButtonBottomBackgroundIcon:alias {
  content: url(images/crcBtnBottom.gif); width: 1px; height: 2px;

GIF files are (in project) in dir "public_html/css/images", CSS file in 
In WAR file are GIF files in "/css/images" directory.
Skin configuration is (I think) correct, because other settings from CSS 
file are functioning.

But buttons are standard browser buttons and not graphical.
In doc. is note:
(Note: These icons must be specified using either context-image or 
resource-image icons. Text-based icons are not allowed.)
but I don't know, what does it mean? Images must be declared somewhere 
in config XMLs?

I am using JDeveloper and internal OC4J app. server for testing.

Thank's very much for Your help,

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