this has been asked sometimes before, can you try to add some infos on the wiki ?


On 4/24/07, Arnaud Mergey <> wrote:

Retroweaver weave the bytecode and replace automatically specific java 1.5 API by backported API. for ConcurrentHashMap retroweaver replace java.util.concurrent by util.concurrent backport wich is provided with retroweaver, so if you "retroweave" trinidad you need to put in your classpath runtime jar of retroweaver backport-util-concurrent.jar and the class provided in my mail.


Böhringer Jochen wrote:
Hello Arnaud,

Thanks for this hint!
I am a bit confused because of Adam Winer writing that Trinidad uses some Java5 specific APIs. I think Retroweaver does not provide these specific APIs (like ConcurrentHashMap).
But you wrote it works for you, so I think you have done a build.
Would you provide me that build?

Best regards
Von: Arnaud Mergey []

retroweaver works with trinidad, but you need to put this class in your classpath

Gary VanMatre wrote:
From: Böhringer Jochen <>


I am doing some research for a new project. It is a web application whose user
interface should be programmed using JSF. The application server we are running
in the target environment is WebSphere Application Server 5.1.
Unfortunately the latest JDK supported by this WebSphere version is 1.4.2 :-(

The installation instructions of Trinidad do note Java 5 as a dependency.
So is this a showstopper for Trinidad in this project? Perhaps the only 1.5
features used are generics and these can also be interpreted by a 1.4 jdk on

I have used Trinidad in other projects and would really like to use it again...

So my question in one sentence: Is it possible to run Trinidad on a 1.4 JDK with
small amount of adaptation or should I stop thinking about it immediately?

Maybe retroweaver would work? Best regards, Jochen Gary


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