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From "D. Cardon" <>
Subject tr:subform and autoSubmit bug
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 19:35:00 GMT

I've done some more testing with the subform functionality in Trinidad and
think I've isolated a bug with a very simple test case.  To reproduce this
functionality, a few modifications need to be made to the blank project that is
found in the trinidad repository.  Here's what to do:

- Modify the index.jspx entry for the tr:inputText, replacing it with:

<tr:inputText label="Your name" id="input1" value="#{}" 
  autoSubmit="true" valueChangeListener="#{helloWorldBacking.changeMethod}" />

Then, implement the changeMethod in the backing bean:

  public void changeMethod( ValueChangeEvent event )
	  System.out.println( "Change method called!" );

Now, test the page by entering a value into the test field and then tabbing
away from it.  This will fire the field to be submitted.  In your console, you
should see the "Change method called!" message appearing--this behaves as

To reproduce the invalid behavior with a subform, alter index.jspx slightly, by
wrapping the inputText (or its containing component) in a tr:subform tag. 
Reloading the page and performing the test again, you should no longer see the
"Change method called!" message.  This behavior appears to be the same for any
component set to autoSubmit.

After digging into the code somewhat, it appears that the subform is unaware
that the inputText component has changed and so it does not run its children
through the necessary phases.  

The root of this symptom actually relates to a lot of other problems with the
subform tag.  For example, using the subform to isolate regions for validation
does not work at all due to this issue, because validations are not processed
and model values are not updated for the components in the subform.

Since I'm a new Trinidad user, I don't really know how this should be reported.
 I did sign up for JIRA, but I'm not sure what the severity of the issue should
be.  Also, it would be reassuring if someone else can reproduce this, that
would verify that it's not just some problem with my machine / setup.



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