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From "Adam Winer" <>
Subject Re: tr:subform and autoSubmit bug
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 20:12:18 GMT
It's a known limitation of how subforms are implemented:
they look for FacesEvents queued during processDecodes()
to see if that subtree should be further processed.  However,
autoSubmit components don't queue a FacesEvent until
ValueChangeEvent, which happens later in the cycle.

It should get fixed, though.

-- Adam

On 4/24/07, D. Cardon <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've done some more testing with the subform functionality in Trinidad and
> think I've isolated a bug with a very simple test case.  To reproduce this
> functionality, a few modifications need to be made to the blank project that is
> found in the trinidad repository.  Here's what to do:
> - Modify the index.jspx entry for the tr:inputText, replacing it with:
> <tr:inputText label="Your name" id="input1" value="#{}"
>   autoSubmit="true" valueChangeListener="#{helloWorldBacking.changeMethod}" />
> Then, implement the changeMethod in the backing bean:
>   public void changeMethod( ValueChangeEvent event )
>   {
>           System.out.println( "Change method called!" );
>   }
> Now, test the page by entering a value into the test field and then tabbing
> away from it.  This will fire the field to be submitted.  In your console, you
> should see the "Change method called!" message appearing--this behaves as
> expected.
> To reproduce the invalid behavior with a subform, alter index.jspx slightly, by
> wrapping the inputText (or its containing component) in a tr:subform tag.
> Reloading the page and performing the test again, you should no longer see the
> "Change method called!" message.  This behavior appears to be the same for any
> component set to autoSubmit.
> After digging into the code somewhat, it appears that the subform is unaware
> that the inputText component has changed and so it does not run its children
> through the necessary phases.
> The root of this symptom actually relates to a lot of other problems with the
> subform tag.  For example, using the subform to isolate regions for validation
> does not work at all due to this issue, because validations are not processed
> and model values are not updated for the components in the subform.
> Since I'm a new Trinidad user, I don't really know how this should be reported.
>  I did sign up for JIRA, but I'm not sure what the severity of the issue should
> be.  Also, it would be reassuring if someone else can reproduce this, that
> would verify that it's not just some problem with my machine / setup.
> Thanks,
> --David
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