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From "D. Cardon" <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] about usage of SelectManyShuttle/SelectOrderShuttle
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2007 17:03:12 GMT

It's possible to achieve all of the behavior that you
describe without resorting to JavaScript.

In order to populate the list of selectable items from
your backing bean, you can use:

<f:selectItems value="#{backingBean.shuttleItems} />

The backingBean object should have a 'getShuttleItems'
accessor, which returns a: SelectItem[].  Each select
item may be an object-label pair, so there's where you
store your object reference.  For example:


public SelectItem[] getShuttleItems()
   SelectItem[] shuttleItems = new SelectItem[ 3 ];
   shuttleItems[ 0 ] = new SelectItem( 

If you bind the shuttle component to a variable in the
backing bean, that component's value will be an array
of objects.  For example, if getShuttleItems returns
an array of SelectItems, each 

Hi, I'm about to use these components, and I'm a bit
confused about 
their documentation.
Included demos provide list contents through
tr:selectItem children. At 
the same time, I noticed that contents can be get/set
through the 
"value" attribute.
Can anybody enlight such usage ? Is there any other
public demo/example 
around ?
I also noticed that provided documentation refers to
the chance of using 
generic objects as list elements. This would be very
useful to append 
further properties to list elements, to be managed by
footer widgets 
using provided js hooks on current selection. But the
overall subject is 
somewhat obscure.
Furthermore, I noticed that lists are always provided
on the left 
container only, where used has to move elements
rightwards. But I think 
that common usage would start having some elements
already on the right 
list (update mode). Is there any way to achive this
initial setup - or 
do I need to preprocess by means of js and a hidden
"init" list?

Thanks -- Renzo

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