Greetings to all,
That's the general environment:
- I have a database table with the "Users" who can access the application.
- I have an "login.jspx" JSF page which have two fields <tr:inputText id="username"> and <h:inputSecret  id="userpassw".
- I have a backing bean "login" for the "login.jspx" page
- I have a session bean (myfacade) inside it i have a method "boolean validate_user(String un,String up,String error_message)", that method goes to the database and does the validation, returning true if success or false if the validation fails, additionaly and String error_message for the validation error.
- I need to avoid the round trip of showing and "error_login.jspx" and returning back to "login.jspx", instead of that, i need to show the login "failed error message" in the same "login.jspx" in a JavaScript alert style, making use of Trinidad's ajax capabilities.
- Or if the validation was success then navigate to the "second_page.jspx" jsf page.
According your experience and knowledge, might you reccommend to me how to do that  efficient (ajax) user validation against a database, please ?,
Thanks in advance,
Oscar Duque

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