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From noah <>
Subject Re: Components reinjected losing disabled state
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2007 16:29:14 GMT
On 3/23/07, Daniel Hannum <> wrote:
> This may be a basic JSF question... I'm not sure.
> I have a component on a page that is bound to a backing bean member.
> During page logic, I use setDisabled(true) to disable the component
> under some conditions. Now, after the form is submitted, JSF seems to
> reinject new component objects into my backing bean. So, the next time
> the page is displayed, loses the disabled state. I didn't know it would
> do this. I guess I thought I would get to keep my component instances
> and not have new ones given to me on each request.
> As far as a solution goes, I guess I could put logic in the getter
> (getMyComponent()) for figuring out if we should be disabled or not.
> That way it would always be done, but it seems inefficient to do it
> every time.

If checking disabled is an expensive operation, then cache the result, e.g.

public boolean isDisabled() {
   if(this.disabled == null) {
      this.disabled = expensiveCalculation();
   return disabled;

But you'll need some other logic to determine if disabled needs to be
reevaluated, unless your bean is request scoped.

> Does that seem like the best solution? I know putting the logic in the
> markup itself would also work, though I think I need to do more than EL
> can do (I need to check if a radio button has a particular value).

Then probably you should be checking if the property the radio button
is bound to has a particular value, rather than checking the actual
radio button. e.g.

<tr:selectBooleanRadio value="#{myBean.disable}"/>

<yourComponent disabled="#{myBean.disable}"/>

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