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From Jochen Traunecker <>
Subject Trinidad Dialog Framework - Partial Page Rendering
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2007 19:51:13 GMT
Hello everybody - is there some more detailed information around describing Partial Page Rendering
and it's concepts?

I just found 

I'm currently playing around with <tr:panelPage> <tr:panelHorizontalLayout> <tr:switcher>
<tr:panelTabbed> nested in some complex scenario and have no clue about which component
is a naming-container, which component gets updated by itself without updating / refreshing
some other components in the component tree.

So any link is welcome helping to understand partial page rendering and in which situation
it is necessary to register a partialTrigger.

Maybe someone is running in the same problem with dialogs and tables (trees?), this might
be a hint:

For instance there is a table with some command button, who's action needs to be confirmed
by some confirm dialog. The returnListener updates the table model. I had to register the
command button id as partialTrigger of the table to have the latest state of the underlying
table model presented to the user; without the indirection of launching a confirm dialog (just
calling some action / actionListener), the table always got updated without any partialTriggers

<tr:table value="#{backing.treemodel} id="mytable" partialTriggers="mytable:mycommandbutton">
  <!-- table stuff, like columns, etc. -->
  <f:facet name="footer">
      <tr:commandButton id="mycommandbutton" text="dosomething" windowWidth="300" windowHeight="200"
useWindow="true" action="dialog:confirm" launchListener="#{backing.prepareLaunch}" returnListener="#{backing:doneConfirm}"


Greetings Jochen

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