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From Kuno Baeriswyl <>
Subject Acegi Problem with facelet view handler
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 15:26:25 GMT
Hello everybody,

I've moved from JSP to Facelets and get following error when I send my
login page:
404 Not Found /mxcontext/j_acegi_security_check.jsf

It seams to be related with the 

<!-- FaceletViewHandler configuration -->



  <bean id="authenticationProcessingFilter"
    <property name="authenticationManager"
ref="authenticationManager" />
    <property name="authenticationFailureUrl" value="/opiz/login.jsf" />
    <property name="defaultTargetUrl" value="/acegiforward.xhtml" />
    <property name="alwaysUseDefaultTargetUrl" value="true"/>
    <property name="filterProcessesUrl"
value="/j_acegi_security_check" />

Additionaly, automatic forwarding to login page, if required,  doesn't
work as well. 

I think there might a problem with the ordering those things are

Does anybody have a clue?

Thanks a lot.


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