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From Kuno Baeriswyl <>
Subject Re: Templating with trinidad once more
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 07:43:31 GMT
Hello Matthias,

Thank you for your motivating reply. I agree with you that nested forms
isn't valid HTML, however, it has been working with my JSF/JSP-example
without any warning. In addition, I think to understand the advantages
of faceletes.
So, I gave facelets another go and removed the <tr:form> hierarchy.
Afterward, JSF could generate the HTML page, but I've stumbled in
another Exception related with my acegi authorization taglib: 

WARNUNG: /layout.xhtml @7,42
xmlns:authz="" Property 'authz' is not on
type: org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.component.core.CoreDocument
22.03.2007 08:35:23
org.apache.myfaces.trinidadinternal.renderkit.core.xhtml.NavigationPaneRenderer renderContent
SCHWERWIEGEND: Warning: illegal component hierarchy detected, expected
UIXCommand but found another type of component instead.
java.lang.ClassCastException: com.sun.facelets.compiler.UILiteralText

I've found an promising acegi-jsf component to solve that problem : 

Nevertheless, I still get an error! I'm going to open another thread for
this issue.

By the way, Gary's answer was also very promising to me.

Thanks a lot!


On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 10:28 +0100, Matthias Wessendorf wrote:
> Hello Kuno,
> > I'd like use a basic template feature with trinidad and like to inform
> > me about the actual situation of this issue. I've found a statement of
> > Matthias Wessendorf, he states that one should use facelets. However,
> > facelets isn't a standard. Furthermore, I couldn't find any examples
> well, not a standard in the meaning of JCP, but build on-top of JSF
> and very close
> to JSF, compared to other stuff like Tiles (the creator of Facelets is
> part of the JSF 1.2 EG).
> An example of using Trinidad + Facelets is here:
> (and some other stuff)
> > with trinidad and my migrated JSF examples didn't work ("illegal
> > component hierarchy detected, expected UIXCommand but found another type
> > of component instead."). I reckon, it might be a problem with nested
> > forms, however, this would be another entry...
> Meaning
> <form>
> ...
>    <form>
>    ...
>    </form>
> ...
> </form>
> ?
> This is invalid in HTML and using Apache MyFaces as your JSF runtine,
> you will get a warning, when nesting the corresponding <h:form>
> components (no idea, what the RI tells you).
> > In my opinion, this is more than one reason do not move to facelets. Are
> That's up to you. There is also Clay, also close to JSF, since was
> developed having JSF in mind. Gary, might know how good Clay is
> working w/ Trinidad.
> HTH,
> Matthias
> > there any other options? Did somebody get Tiles working with trinidad?
> > Is there any roadmap for this issue?
> > Many thanks
> >
> > Kuno
> >
> >

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