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From Böhringer Jochen <>
Subject Using Struts-Faces with Trinidad and MyFaces?
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 09:25:34 GMT

I'm sending this mail to both mailing lists (myfaces and trinidad) because I think that it
is not only a trinidad question, but also JSF/MyFaces related.

I have the following situation:

- An existing application based on Struts 1.x
- A prototype of an application based on Trinidad (nightly) / MyFaces 1.1.5 (nightly).

The JSF prototype extends the existing struts application with an additional set of features.
But the feature-set is not strong coupled to the existing ones. It's more like an additional
application which should be used by the same users.

Now the customer wants the both being integrated in one application (one logon, links from
the new part to the existing struts features and vice versa).

The look and feel of both applications is the same, because I have developed a custom skin
for Trinidad which copies the styles of the existing struts application. (So, for the customer
integration seems to be very easy ;-)

I have seen that there is a Struts-Faces Integration library (
Has someone used this library to integrate a Trinidad application with a struts 1.x one? The
struts application has a JSCookMenu-like navigation menu at the top of the page and so it
would be nice to extend this menu in struts with additional menu items for the jsf part.

Or are there any other approaches I should think about?

One approach I thought about is to simply use the HttpSession/HttpRequest to exchange data
(e.g. logged on user) between the struts and the Trinidad parts and deploy the both controller
servlets (JSF and Struts) in parallel without any integration library. If a have a link calling
a struts page from a JSF page I can use simple URL-parameters to transfer business data like
a customer ID between the application parts. The same should work in the other direction.
But in this scenario it would not be possible to have struts and jsf parts on the same page
(e.g. the struts navigation menu combined with jsf components on the same page). Am I right?

Any comments on these thoughts?


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