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From Jochen Traunecker <>
Subject [Trinidad] TreeTable: restoring expansion state
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 17:24:30 GMT
I'm wondering, how to store/restore the expansion state of a TreeTable. 

Say there is some JSF-Page MyTreeTablePage containing a TreeTable and due to some action invocation
the page flow navigates to MyOtherPage. After navigating back to MyTreeTablePage I'd like
to restore the expansion state of the TreeTable. 

action->goto:MyOtherPage (store expansion state in PageFlowContext)
MyTreeTablePage (restore expansion state out of PageFlowContext)

Any ideas when, where and how to restore the expansion state of the TreeTable?

I tried to set the TreeTable.setDisclosedRowKeys() triggered by PhaseListener (before RenderResponse),
but ran into Nullpointer exceptions.

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