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From "Meyer, Stefan" <>
Subject AW: [Trinidad] TreeTable: restoring expansion state
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 08:45:02 GMT
If you set disclosedRowKeys to  #{myBackingBean.disclosedRowKeys} you can manipulate the disclosedRowKeys
in your bean and also store it in a scope other than the BackingBean's by popping and pushing
it into the pageFlowScope. I used the ViewController from shale to load the state from pageFlowScope
on initialization and push it back in prerender. That way I can manipulate the rowKeys like
a property and still have it stored in pageFlowScope.
If you don't use the viewcontroller you probably have to implement your getter as lazy, i.e.
check if bean in pageFlowScope is set and then return that instance or create a new one.


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Von: Jochen Traunecker [] 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2007 18:25
Betreff: [Trinidad] TreeTable: restoring expansion state

I'm wondering, how to store/restore the expansion state of a TreeTable. 

Say there is some JSF-Page MyTreeTablePage containing a TreeTable and due to some action invocation
the page flow navigates to MyOtherPage. After navigating back to MyTreeTablePage I'd like
to restore the expansion state of the TreeTable. 

action->goto:MyOtherPage (store expansion state in PageFlowContext)
MyTreeTablePage (restore expansion state out of PageFlowContext)

Any ideas when, where and how to restore the expansion state of the TreeTable?

I tried to set the TreeTable.setDisclosedRowKeys() triggered by PhaseListener (before RenderResponse),
but ran into Nullpointer exceptions.

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