Hi, selection mechanism for tr:table works well, but I'm not able to get the meaning of the selectedRowKeys attribute.
I'd like to preselect some rows at rendering time. This seems to work well automatically across requests, but I would like also to preselect at the very beginning of component life. This is not shown in any demo or documentation.
Well, I did place in tr:table:


and in my bean:

    public RowKeySet getSelection() {
        RowKeySetImpl set = new RowKeySetImpl();
        set.setCollectionModel(data);   // my CollectionModel
        ArrayList<String> list = dataSource.getSelection();   // my current selection
        for (String k: list)
        return set;

but it doesn't work, and furthermore it disables selection storage across requests. On the other hand - I miss the rationale of getting a selection this way - since I might well grab the table component during any life step and play with setSelectedRowKeys() on its own RowKeySet.
So I miss how and why I should provide a foreign set to the selectRowKeys attribute for preselecting.
Any help ?
Thanks -- Renzo