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From Renzo Tomaselli <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] wrong rendering of NavigationPane tabs on Firefox 2.0
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 10:24:35 GMT
Finally I got a working solution:

- the table representing a single tab must have style="display: 
table-cell; border-spacing:0" instead of style="display: inline".
- its tbody does not need any attribute.
- these modifications concern only Gecko.

This way tabs are displayed properly on Firefox 2.0. It would be 
interesting to try out other browsers, I only have IE7 and FF 2.0.
I can send a patched to anyone interested.

-- Renzo

Renzo Tomaselli wrote:
> Adam, indeed it doesn't work with multiple tabs, since the second one 
> is rendered just below the first one (out of div).
> Code comments state that inline on table was needed for both IE and 
> Firefox 1.5, while inline on tbody is needed on Firefox 1.5.
> I will investigate further, the only other chance I'm left with is to 
> have a dummy nop extra-tab, without icon. This way rendering is ok on 
> Firefox, but the overall stuff is so much unstable that I don't feel 
> much safe.
> -- Renzo
> Adam Winer wrote:
>> I believe the display:inline is necessary for at least one
>> browser (IE, I think?), so removing it isn't OK.  navigationPane
>> is definitely in need of an HTML overhaul, though - it
>> renders pretty badly on Safari.
>> -- Adam
>> On 1/24/07, Renzo Tomaselli <> wrote:
>>> After a long stripping session, I came up with a simple html page,
>>> derived from a rendered NavigationPanel tab.
>>> After placing this page on the local filesystem together with a 
>>> stripped
>>> css, Common11-m7.js and all involved icons (tab3-*), Firefox 2.0
>>> displays this page completely only the first time or after any 
>>> reloading.
>>> It does not complete the page after clicking on the link. No console
>>> errors, though.
>>> It seems pausing in the middle. Rendering completes if clicking either
>>> buttons. Even activating plugins such as CSSviewer or Firebug completes
>>> the page.
>>> Please notice that I removed all inline script function calls, so that
>>> no Trinidad js functions should be called. However, if I remove the
>>> script loading, page shows up ok. If I remove the outermost table, it's
>>> ok. If I place all those files on a remote server then I browse that
>>> page from here, it's ok.
>>> If I remove the onclick attribute from the link, it's ok (it's just
>>> submitting the enclosing form, the original page invoked another
>>> function).
>>> Now the funny point: look at those initial table/tbody elements having
>>> "display: inline;". If I remove *both* attributes, rendering is ok !
>>> Don't ask me why.
>>> Now I can easily patch NavigationPaneRenderer again (third time in a
>>> week) to remove those attributes, but does anybody know about any
>>> potential side effects ?
>>> Besides this page, I will check the real application ASAP through a
>>> patched NavigationPaneRenderer.
>>> In any case, here are all data (js and icons are from Trinidad):

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