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From Renzo Tomaselli <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] wrong rendering of NavigationPane tabs on Firefox 2.0
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 08:00:34 GMT
Adam, indeed it doesn't work with multiple tabs, since the second one is 
rendered just below the first one (out of div).
Code comments state that inline on table was needed for both IE and 
Firefox 1.5, while inline on tbody is needed on Firefox 1.5.
I will investigate further, the only other chance I'm left with is to 
have a dummy nop extra-tab, without icon. This way rendering is ok on 
Firefox, but the overall stuff is so much unstable that I don't feel 
much safe.

-- Renzo

Adam Winer wrote:
> I believe the display:inline is necessary for at least one
> browser (IE, I think?), so removing it isn't OK.  navigationPane
> is definitely in need of an HTML overhaul, though - it
> renders pretty badly on Safari.
> -- Adam
> On 1/24/07, Renzo Tomaselli <> wrote:
>> After a long stripping session, I came up with a simple html page,
>> derived from a rendered NavigationPanel tab.
>> After placing this page on the local filesystem together with a stripped
>> css, Common11-m7.js and all involved icons (tab3-*), Firefox 2.0
>> displays this page completely only the first time or after any reloading.
>> It does not complete the page after clicking on the link. No console
>> errors, though.
>> It seems pausing in the middle. Rendering completes if clicking either
>> buttons. Even activating plugins such as CSSviewer or Firebug completes
>> the page.
>> Please notice that I removed all inline script function calls, so that
>> no Trinidad js functions should be called. However, if I remove the
>> script loading, page shows up ok. If I remove the outermost table, it's
>> ok. If I place all those files on a remote server then I browse that
>> page from here, it's ok.
>> If I remove the onclick attribute from the link, it's ok (it's just
>> submitting the enclosing form, the original page invoked another
>> function).
>> Now the funny point: look at those initial table/tbody elements having
>> "display: inline;". If I remove *both* attributes, rendering is ok !
>> Don't ask me why.
>> Now I can easily patch NavigationPaneRenderer again (third time in a
>> week) to remove those attributes, but does anybody know about any
>> potential side effects ?
>> Besides this page, I will check the real application ASAP through a
>> patched NavigationPaneRenderer.
>> In any case, here are all data (js and icons are from Trinidad):

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