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From Renzo Tomaselli <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] wrong rendering of NavigationPane tabs on Firefox 2.0
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 15:00:54 GMT
Just in case anybody else is interested :) I investigated further on 
this issue. If the used MenuModel is not empty, then rendering is quite 
ok. However I cannot use the emptyness of the tab list as a criterion 
for rendering the panel: if a page has an empty model on a request and 
then renders with a tab (because of an event processing), then rendering 
is not complete.
Missing icons are: tab3-start-selected, tab3-start-selected, 
tab3-bot-mid-selected, tab3-end-selected, tab3-bot-end-selected, all 
concerning the af|navigationPaneTabs:: selector group. Text background 
(done through tab3-mid-selected icon) is ok.
I could debug further, but I cannot even figure out why a simple *right* 
click on tab labels forces rendering completion. This might be a 
starting point to debug.
Does anybody have an idea about where to look at ?
-- Renzo

Renzo Tomaselli wrote:
> Hi, I'm experiencing a wrong rendering of the tab bar on Firefox 2.0. 
> On IE it seems ok.
> I'm using a MenuModel-driven navigationPane. I noticed that tabs are 
> rendered by means of an icon puzzle, surrounding tab label text.
> All icons are provided by skin selectors as background. I did not 
> modify any selector.
> The problem is that - after any tab clicking - such icons are not shown.
> Any further action - such as right-button click on text, or page 
> refresh, displays all icons properly, till next tab selection.
> Since full page refreshing renders everything ok, I suspect that PPR 
> is involved somehow.
> Trinidad navigationPane examples run fine, but none of them uses the 
> MenuModel. They use direct children.
> Had anybody else similar issues ?
> Thanks -- Renzo

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