Adam, can you speculate a bit further on "For cases where that just doesn't work"  please ?
I mean, shouldn't be this solution a bit more deterministic ? I just read about a practical constraint on EL generated variables, which cannot be used. Is there anything else preventing tr:forEach usage for columns ?
Thanks -- Renzo

Adam Winer wrote:
You can often use tr:forEach to iterate over the columns.
(Or c:forEach, since you're using Facelets.)
For cases where that just doesn't work, you can
manually populate columns from a backing bean, though
that's certainly awkwards.

As you guessed, you can't mix up tr:table with t:columns.

-- Adam

On 12/14/06, Renzo Tomaselli <> wrote:
Hi, for the purpose of replacing existing facelets using Tomahawk
components through Trinidad ones, I noticed that nothing like t:columns
seems to exist in Trinidad. Only a single tr:column is documented,
leading to static tables only.
A multiple column component is very useful for rendering runtime-defined
(e.g. non static) column sets.
Is there another component covering this role or is this feature
definitely missing ?
Furthermore, I guess that t:dataTable/t:columns/t:column are closely
connected, the same also for tr:table/tr:column. Or can I mixup tr:table
with t:columns ?
Thanks -- Renzo