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From "Daniel Hannum" <>
Subject RE: Add messages to the parent with dialog framework
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2006 15:03:53 GMT
I added a messages tag and it still won't display. I think the issue is
that the page is not refreshing because other UI changes are made, like
populating a list, but that change doesn't appear either. And since the
dialog is asynchronous and the original request (for the calling window)
is complete and the response has been rendered, why would it redisplay?

I need a way to force a redisplay when the dialog closes. Is my logic
sound, or should that happen automatically?

-----Original Message-----
From: Adam Winer [] 
Sent: Monday, December 18, 2006 5:12 PM
Subject: Re: Add messages to the parent with dialog framework

Do you have <tr:messages> on the page, or do you only
have messages on the individual component?  There are
PPR problems, I believe, with local per-component messages
not redisplaying.

-- Adam

On 12/18/06, Daniel Hannum <> wrote:
> I am using the dialog framework, but for one particular issue, I can't
> find a good answer. I have a confirmation box that appears on some
> operations, using the dialog framework. So, the calling page spawns
> dialog, and then the dialog has buttons that each call a different
> method.
> uploadCancel will just close the dialog and return.
> uploadSubmit will close the dialog and then call a backing bean method
> to continue the process.
> Now, what happens if there is a problem? I had uploadSubmit catch
> exceptions and add a FacesMessage to a particular component. It seems
> though my messages aren't appearing, though. I think it's because the
> dialog is asynchronous. Does it redisplay the calling page when the
> dialog returns?
> Another option might be that the message is being added to the dialog
> itself, since that's the form that called the method. But I have a
> CoreCommandLink component bound to my parent page and I use
> to know where to attach the message, so I'm pretty sure it's bound to
> the right page.
> Even if I'm putting my message in the right place and the page is
> rediplaying, it may be the outcome out of uploadSubmit is a redirect,
> which will clear the messages. I checked this too, and my transition
> a forward.
> Is what I'm trying to do supported by the dialog framework?
> Thanks.

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