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From "Adam Winer" <>
Subject Re: Trinidad PPR & Seam
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 05:56:34 GMT
There have been some incompatibilities reported - one I remember
dealt with StateManager ordering - but I'm  would be eager to help
get them resolved ASAP.  You most definitely should not need to write
any glue code at all, but there likely will be ordering issues

-- Adam

On 12/19/06, Chris Hane <> wrote:
> I am using Seam for a project and am about to start incorporating a
> component framework like Trinidad into the project.  I particularly want
> to take advantage of the PPR/Ajax.
> I have been reading the Seam forums and it looks like there was some
> glue code that needed to be written to get other libraries (e.g.,
> ICEFaces) to work with the Seam.
> Does anyone know if Trinidad needs similar integration work?
> I'm asking because of a statement in this thread and was wondering if
> anyone else has looked at integrating the two from a Trinidad project
> point of view?
> "For most libraries not much, but libraries that do Ajax need some
> added-on lifecycle stuff that sometimes conflicts with Seam's phase
> listeners. Once that stuff gets standardized in the next rev of JSF
> there will be no problem, but for now it generally means a little bit of
> work on both sides to fix any incompatibility. Seam 1.1 beta 2 is much
> more tolerant of Ajax libraries, in this respect."
> Thanks,
> Chris....

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