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From Renzo Tomaselli <>
Subject [Trinidad] TrinidadFilter has not been installed
Date Sun, 24 Dec 2006 16:39:51 GMT
Hi, I'm looking after the source of this message too.
I placed a couple of breakpoints: at 
TrinidadFilterImpl.verifyFilterIsInstalled to monitor filter checking 
and TrinidadFilterImpl.doFilter.
When I start my application (Tomahawk+Facelets, under Eclipse+Exadel 
Studio), I get filter checking called *before* filter setting, during 
the RESTORE_VIEW phase of the very first page. Stack is:

TrinidadFilterImpl.verifyFilterIsInstalled(FacesContext) line: 66   
TrinidadPhaseListener.beforePhase(PhaseEvent) line: 103   
PhaseListenerManager.informPhaseListenersBefore(PhaseId) line: 73   
LifecycleImpl.executePhase(FacesContext, PhaseExecutor, 
PhaseListenerManager) line: 85   
LifecycleImpl.execute(FacesContext) line: 70   
FacesServlet.service(ServletRequest, ServletResponse) line: 139   
ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter(ServletRequest, ServletResponse) 
line: 252   
ApplicationFilterChain.doFilter(ServletRequest, ServletResponse) line: 
ApplicationDispatcher.invoke(ServletRequest, ServletResponse) line: 672   
ApplicationDispatcher.processRequest(ServletRequest, ServletResponse) 
line: 463   
ApplicationDispatcher.doForward(ServletRequest, ServletResponse) line: 
ApplicationDispatcher.forward(ServletRequest, ServletResponse) line: 301   
PageContextImpl.doForward(String) line: 703   
PageContextImpl.forward(String) line: 670   
index.jsp line: 6   

Then after entering and switching to the next page, filter setting is 
called. Stack is:

TrinidadFilterImpl.doFilter(ServletRequest, ServletResponse, 
FilterChain) line: 162   
TrinidadFilter.doFilter(ServletRequest, ServletResponse, FilterChain) 
line: 90   
ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter(ServletRequest, ServletResponse) 
line: 202   
ApplicationFilterChain.doFilter(ServletRequest, ServletResponse) line: 
StandardWrapperValve.invoke(Request, Response) line: 213   

In general, whenever an action on a page is performed, the sequence is 
correct (set/check). Only the very first page misses the setting, and 
this raises the log warning.
My application works, although I cannot see any row banding on a 
tr:table, not any css is generated. I'm learning the whole skin stuff, 
thus perhaps this is unrelated to the filter issue, but I expected to 
see banding as a the "simple" skin default.

-- Renzo

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