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From Chris Hane <>
Subject Re: Trinidad PPR & Seam
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 17:34:50 GMT

Thanks!  I am going to be testing it out very shortly.

Here is a reply on the jboss-seam forum where someone did have to add 
some code in order to get dialogs to work. I have not looked into any of 
this yet, so I'm just passing along the message.

Thanks again,

Adam Winer wrote:
> There have been some incompatibilities reported - one I remember
> dealt with StateManager ordering - but I'm  would be eager to help
> get them resolved ASAP.  You most definitely should not need to write
> any glue code at all, but there likely will be ordering issues
> -- Adam
> On 12/19/06, Chris Hane <> wrote:
>> I am using Seam for a project and am about to start incorporating a
>> component framework like Trinidad into the project.  I particularly want
>> to take advantage of the PPR/Ajax.
>> I have been reading the Seam forums and it looks like there was some
>> glue code that needed to be written to get other libraries (e.g.,
>> ICEFaces) to work with the Seam.
>> Does anyone know if Trinidad needs similar integration work?
>> I'm asking because of a statement in this thread and was wondering if
>> anyone else has looked at integrating the two from a Trinidad project
>> point of view?
>> "For most libraries not much, but libraries that do Ajax need some
>> added-on lifecycle stuff that sometimes conflicts with Seam's phase
>> listeners. Once that stuff gets standardized in the next rev of JSF
>> there will be no problem, but for now it generally means a little bit of
>> work on both sides to fix any incompatibility. Seam 1.1 beta 2 is much
>> more tolerant of Ajax libraries, in this respect."
>> Thanks,
>> Chris....

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