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From Renzo Tomaselli <>
Subject Re: AW: where are binaries
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2006 10:42:43 GMT
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D&ouml;ring Markus wrote:
  <blockquote type="cite">
    <blockquote type="cite">
      <pre wrap="">Mixing up the frameworks you mentioned should be no problem, only
    <pre wrap="">MyFaces Tobago Project has some known incompatibility with Trinidad.

and with tomahawk too
  <pre wrap=""><!---->

Hehe, ok, that is new to me.
But if you ask me, I would choose Trinidad and try to use it as the only framework.
Trinidad has so many components that you should be able to do almost anything with them.
The only thing you should use together with Trinidad is Facelets because it help you not running
into a lot of problems you will counter if you use thinks like &lt;jsp:forEach&gt;.
Also Facelets is already integrated into Trinidad so it's no big problem to use it, just check
the wiki for more informations on this.

I totally agree. I already use Tomahawk with Facelets (no jsp), and I
would much prefer to globally switch to Trinidad + Facelets. What I
miss is the real feeling about any useful component (saveState ?) I
would lose. I guess many others asked themselves the same question, so
I wonder if anybody came up with a throrough comparison, at least to
sketch overlapping components.<br>
Documentation alone seems a huge point affecting such decision.<br>

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