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From "Stefan Podkowinski" <>
Subject tr:inputText and supported events
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 10:41:57 GMT

I'm currently trying to figure out what works with inputText events
and whats not. After studying the tag doc at
I noticed that there are only two supported jsf events,
ValueChangeEvent and AttributeChangeEvent. The others are pure JS

What I'd like to implement is a simple query input field and a search
button with a PPR-enabled result list. My implementation works fine,
except for the fact that I always need to confirm the search button to
start the search process. Now what I'd like to do is to have the input
field listen for 'enter' keydown events (the user just hits enter and
starts the search process). Another thing that would be nice is to
trigger the search just as google suggest after a small period of time
starting from the last key stroke. How am I going to do this? The jsf
events wont do this job in my case..

Any help is much appreciated,


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