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From G√ľnther, Thorsten <>
Subject Using tr:treeTable with rowSelection="single" in a form
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 10:11:47 GMT
Hi again!

Sorry for my empty post, Outlook decided it would be better to clean the mail-body from all
those unnecessary characters before sending. Saving bandwidth and disk space is always a good

So let's try again:

I got a form where I use some validated tr:inputText and a tr:treeTable with rowSelection="single"
to edit a domain object. The tr:treeTable is immediate="true" because I don't want the tr:inputText
component values to be validated when tree nodes are expanded or collapsed. A tr:commandButton
shall submit the form, perform validation and call an action-method on my backing-bean to
save the domain object.
Problem is if the user has changed the selection in the treeTable, because of the immediate
flag in the treeTable processing stops after Apply Request Values phase when activating the
commendButton. So my action is not executed and no validation is performed. When I set the
commandButton to immediate="true" the action is performed but there is still no validation.

I did assume the "immediate" behaviour would only apply if the submit was triggered by a component
having "immediate" set. But it seems like it also applies if any component that has immediate
set generates an event.

Is this behaviour really correct or is this a bug in tr:treeTable? If it's correct, how can
I have my inputText's validated?

Thanks a lot,

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