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From "Romanowski, Tim" <>
Subject RE: Core h:commandButton images affected by Trinidad?
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 21:38:42 GMT
The path to the image (src=) looks correct; a valid link is rendered,
it's just that instead of my image, I see the text "Submit Query".  

Here is the output:

<p><form id="j_id79" name="j_id79" method="POST" onkeypress="return
                <center><input id="j_id79:j_id82" name="j_id79:j_id82"
type="image" src="/resources/images/earth.png"
onclick="submitForm('j_id79',1,{source:'j_id79:j_id82'});return false;">

                </center><input type="hidden"
name="org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.faces.FORM" value="j_id79"><span
id="_j_id79_Postscript"><input type="hidden"
value="!-7f74137c"><script>function _j_id79Validator(){return true;}var


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From: Adam Winer [] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 4:22 PM
Subject: Re: Core h:commandButton images affected by Trinidad?

We do replace the default commandButton renderer to feed into
client-side validation (and, IIRC, a few other things).  We should
be rendering these images correctly, though.  Question: is there an
URL to arrow-first being rendered?  Is it the wrong URL (a prefix
that should be there isn't, or vice versa?)  Probably a simple fix.

Also, are you using the main build or the JSF 1.2 codebase
of Trinidad?

-- Adam

On 11/14/06, Romanowski, Tim <> wrote:
> Along with the recent addition of Trinidad to my Tomahawk/Facelets/JSF
> 1.2 RI app, I noticed that all my h:commandButton components no longer
> generate the corresponding image graphic they once showed.  Currently,
> am not using any Trinidad components at all, I've simply added
> support...I understand that there are issues with setting the
> commandButton graphics for Trinidad commandButtons, but why would
> Trinidad affect the display of h:commandButton components?  Instead of
> an image, a link is rendered with the text "Submit Query."  Has anyone
> encountered this problem?  Does Trinidad change something that would
> require me to use different paths to my images?
> Here's an example of one of the components:
> <h:commandButton action="#{controller.goToTableStart}" value=""
>                     image="/resources/images/arrow-first.gif" />
> TR

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