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From Böhringer Jochen <>
Subject Extending Treetable component with drag & drop
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 08:38:36 GMT

we have to build a new web application containing a treetable showing hierarchical relations
between organizational units as a tree column and other data for the organizational units
in the other columns of the table like unit name, address and so on.

This can be accomplished using the treeTable component of tomahawk or the treeTable component
delivered by Trinidad.

But an additional requirement to showing the data is to let the hierarchical structure of
the tree be modified by the user.

Our idea is to let the user drag one of the rows in the table and drop it onto another row
in the table. The dragged row and its child nodes should be attached as a child node to the
row it was dropped on.
These modifications in the tree should be visible on the client side but should also be reflected
in the data model on the server, because the modifications have to be persisted to the database.

So my questions are:

- Is there already a component available which shows a treetable and has drag & drop support?
- If we have to extend an existing component, what is easier to extend? Trinidad Treetable
or Tomahawk treetable? If we extend one of the components it would be our aim to integrate
this extension into the existing component to share this extension with others as an optional
feature which can be controlled by tag attributes.
- Is it a good choice to combine ajax4jsf with Trinidad or tomahawk?
- If we have to realize drag & drop ourselves: Is dojo a good choice for this? Is it a
good idea to integrate it ourselves or should we use something like jMaki?
- Which version of JSF should we use in an application starting in development now and releasing
the first version containing the drag&drop treetable end of the year? 1.1 or 1.2?

And last but not least: We want to use facelets as view handler and tomcat 5.5 as servlet
container :-)

Thanks for reading this bunch of questions.
Any hints regarding some or all of my questions would be greatly appreciated!


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