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From "Romanowski, Tim" <>
Subject RE: Unable to access snapshot repository
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 00:03:16 GMT
I didn't think the thread about the <tr:selectOrderShuttle> would be
interesting, but it looks like Simon and Scott's conversation explains
the build issue I'm having.  If there's still something I'm missing
about where I would otherwise place the shale-parent .pom, feel free to
chime in, but otherwise it looks like when I build with the new source
tonight, I should be successful.


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From: Romanowski, Tim 
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 7:50 PM
Subject: RE: Unable to access snapshot repository

Many thanks to you and others for your prompt responses.  Sorry for the
delay in getting this out myself, but I'm still having problems.
Forgive me for being dense, but where do I put the .pom file for
shale-103 that I've downloaded?  I do not have a shale-parent in my
local m2 repo (assuming that the local m2 repo is another name for the
parent directory of where I am downloading the Trinidad source to).  

I created an empty directory in my filesystem (using windows),
downloaded the plugins and trinidad source via my subversion client into
that directory, then ran the instructions from the wiki.  The plugins
built successfully...  the second command still fails (as of this
morning before I headed to work).  

Do I need to separately download shale-parent?  If so, how do you know
that ahead of time, without having the build fail?  Are there other
dependencies I need to be aware of?  I was under the impression that
with Maven, most of this would "just work."  I'm not against figuring
out how this process works, but I didn't expect to need to learn a great
deal about Maven builds and subversion to make a Trinidad build.  Are
there preliminary steps that I have missed, perhaps that could be added
to the wiki? 


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From: [] On Behalf Of
Matthias Wessendorf
Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 3:16 PM
Subject: Re: Unable to access snapshot repository


see also my post to dev@shale the real issue is that a released pom
refers to a snapshot-repo. And what really shouldn't be is that inside
the pom you specify a repo. That should be saved for your custom

Try to get the deps man. from ibiblio. The build will work than.

Or! go to your local m2 repo, open the .pom in shale-parent and remove
the complete
<repositories>...</repositories> section.


On 10/23/06, Romanowski, Tim <> wrote:
> Considering the server move over the weekend, I should point out that
> had problems accessing this on Friday and Saturday afternoon,
> before the move took place.
> Tim
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> From: Romanowski, Tim
> Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2006 12:13 PM
> To:
> Subject: Unable to access snapshot repository
> Hey guys,
> I've been looking through the mail archives and the wiki, and am
> wondering if the wiki link to the Trinidad snapshots is still
> inidad/
> Every time I try to access this, I get a timeout error from the
> I've disabled my firewall (grasping at straws), and have tried
> the site several times since yesterday afternoon.  Do I need to do
> something in particular, or use a certain client to access that
> repository?  Servers down?
> Tim

Matthias Wessendorf

further stuff:
mail: mwessendorf-at-gmail-dot-com

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