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From Jeanne Waldman <>
Subject Re: Using Skinning facility for custom components
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 21:50:06 GMT
Yes, I am working on this, in between other things. :)
Currently it works to get the skin you want via Java code,
(without looking at it to be sure -- get SkinFactory, call getSkin with 
the id)
and then you can say registerStyleSheet and pass in a skin css file 
which has your
custom component's skin definitions -- styles, icons, and properties.

This will essentially merge your skin definitions for your custom 
component into the skin(s) of your choice.
All components should have a 'simple' skin definition, so you would 
definitely want to merge something
into the simple.desktop skin.

The Trinidad skinning keys are found in skin-selectors.xml. I'd 
recommend using the same
syntax, since the skinning keys are essentially an API for the end user.

There is currently no documentation on this.

There is a bug where if you use the css namespace syntax like we do 
('af|' as in af|inputText, for example) but
with a different prefix ('abc|' as in abc|customComponent, for example)
then it won't parse right. I'm planning to do something to fix this next 

- Jeanne

Adam Winer wrote:

> On 10/11/06, Matthias Wessendorf <> wrote:
>> add your def. to the base-desktop.xss and maybe added some constants
>> for that to
> Well, that's only if you're building new components for
> inclusion in Trinidad.
> If you're building your own components, then you'd put those
> styles in a custom skin, and tell people to use that skin.
> (This isn't totally satisfactory, since really you want to aggregate
> your styles into all skins.  Jeanne is, I believe, working on
> functionality that will enable that for custom component
> developers.)
> -- Adam
>> in your renderer, just renderer that styles, using renderStyleCass()
>> for single clazzes
>> and renderStyleClasses() when rendering more classes
>> (for instance, in a disabled case)
>> -;
>> On 10/11/06, Clemens Schneider <> wrote:
>> > Hi again and sorry for asking so frequently,
>> >
>> > can you tell me, what would be the steps to provide trinidad-skinning
>> > for a custom component?
>> > which files would I have to touch (xss stylesheets, SkinFactory, ...)?
>> > Is there a quick way to achieve this?
>> >
>> > thanks in advance!
>> > -clem
>> >
>> >
>> -- 
>> Matthias Wessendorf
>> further stuff:
>> blog:
>> mail: mwessendorf-at-gmail-dot-com

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