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From "Robert D. Morse" <>
Subject inputSuggestAjax
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 02:05:38 GMT
I'm attempting to get some of the sandbox components, specifically  
inputSuggestAjax,  working with Trinidad.  I have the taglib as  
defined in the Wiki within WEB-INF, and the  
GraphicImageDynamicComponentHandler and  
InputSuggestAjaxComponentHandler classes available as well.  I  
created a very simple page including the inputSuggestAjax tag, but  
nothing gets displayed. I had this working within a MyFaces JSP so I  
don't suspect it's a usage error.  A couple of questions:

1. Has anyone gotten this to work?  If so, a pointer to a solution  
would be greatly appreciated.  Web searches turned up very little.
2. If not, if someone could give me some advice on where to look,  
I'll be more than happy to run this issue down, and hopefully post a  


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