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From "Naresh Bhatia" <>
Subject RE: Use of <tr:document> tag
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2006 15:02:24 GMT
Thanks Adam. I just found the <trh:html>, <trh:head> and <trh:body>
tags. Any advantage of using these vs. the "metaContainer" facet?


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From: Adam Winer [] 
Sent: Saturday, October 07, 2006 10:31 AM
Subject: Re: Use of <tr:document> tag

Use the "metaContainer" facet:

  <f:facet name="metaContainer">
    <f:verbatim><script ...../></f:verbatim>

On 10/7/06, Naresh Bhatia <> wrote:
> Since the <tr:document> tag encapsulates the generation of <html>,
> <body>, and <head> elements, how do I force generation of some
> in to <head>. For example, I would like my <script> tags to go to the
> <head>. (May be not a good example because it appears that <script>
> are forced into <head> anyway. However, I don't see that documented in
> the tag library docs.)
> Naresh

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