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From "Steve Vangasse" <>
Subject Re: MenuModel issues
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 08:24:44 GMT
Hi Sonja,
I tried using <tr:page> at first but experinced the same problems with the 
root of my menu model appearing above the tabs (where navigationGlobal is 
rendered in <tr:panelPage>). I added another layer in my menu model and 
called it "home" that was the root of my tab layer. This then added a "home" 
link above the tabs and put the tabs in their correct place. I eventually 
opted for the <tr:panelPage> setup with the whole menumodel rendered inside 
the navigation3 facet as a navigationTree as this setup offered more 
flexibility. The functionality for menu models within navigation1  and 
navigation2 facets isn't implemented yet but when it is I'll start using it.

The alias list is a really handy feature that lets you map any page you have 
to a focus path of your menu model. So when you navigate to a page that 
isn't part of your menu model, the menu and submenus still display what you 
want them to.


I hope this helps.

Steve Vangasse - Board Sports Equipment and Clothing for the UK and Europe
0870 0600 688

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From: "Sonja Löhr" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2006 12:04 PM
Subject: MenuModel issues

> Hi, all!
> My first post - on my third day to trinidad.
> I already read that I'm not the only one not understanding the MenuModel
> stuff ...
> My <tr:page> opens a submenu when I click a parent menu element, but if 
> I'm
> going further down in the hierarchy, all submenus vanish again?
> Did someone understand what to do whith that "aliaslist" from the
> example-faces-config?
> And: Why is the "global menu" the root of the model hierarchy? Is there 
> any
> possibility to "start" the hierarcy in, say, the navigation1-facet? There
> are some links I would like to have as "globalMenu", but these are no
> starting points for navigating the hierarchy but merely things like
> "logout", "help", ....
> VERY confusing ....
> Thanks for any hints, suggestions or samples!
> sonja

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