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From "Steve Vangasse" <>
Subject MenuModel and navigationPane
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 15:03:18 GMT
Is anyone else using a MenuModel with a panelPage? It works fine with a 
navigationTree but I'm still not having any success with navigationPanes. I 
would really like to use tabbed navigation in my app but this is holding 
things up. Is this a known issue?


Steve Vangasse

P.S. Previous Message:

I'm using MenuModel navigation with a navigationTree component within the 
"navigation3" facet of a panelPage component. This has been working fine 
without any problems. Today I thought I would try using tabbed navigation 
with my MenuModel using the "navigation1" facet and a navigationPane:
<f:facet name="navigation1">

<af:navigationPane var="node" hint="tabs" value="#{menuModel.model}" 
    <f:facet name="nodeStamp">

<af:commandNavigationItem text="#{node.label}" action="#{node.getOutcome}"/>

This doesn't seem to work. Clicking on a tab just refreshes the current page 
without any error messages in my logs. I tried it with a hardcoded action 
string that I know works elsewhere on the page and it still didn't work. I 
then tried it with some hard coded child commandNavigationItems without the 
MenuModel and it did work. Is there a problem with navigationPanes and 
MenuModels (I'm running on the latest trinidad build downloaded today)?

Steve Vangasse 

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