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From G√ľnther, Thorsten <>
Subject AW: Problem with af:table inside tomahawk tree2
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 07:29:04 GMT
Hi Jeantine!

I assume the problem is that tree2 is not standard (in the sense of being part of the JSF-spec).


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Von: Jeantine Mankelow [] 
Gesendet: Montag, 25. September 2006 08:35
Betreff: Re: Problem with af:table inside tomahawk tree2

So you don't think that there is anyway we could modify the tree2 
component to make this possible?
It is just that we really want the tr:table functionality everywhere, 
but we also want to use the t:tree2 functionality as we have different 
types of nodes to display.

I would also recommend that you change section 2.1 of your FAQ page as I 
think in it's current state I think it is slightly misleading.  I would 
have thought I could use any tr component with any standard component

      2.1. Can I use standard Faces tags with Apache Trinidad?

Yes; all standard Faces tags can be used with Apache Trinidad. You can 
even use <h:form> instead of <af:form> without losing any Apache 
Trinidad functionality.

Adam Winer wrote:
> I don't think this could work;  t:tree2 doesn't know anything about
> the tr:table, so it doesn't know to save and restore the stamp
> state on its behalf.  For now, I think you'd have to use pairs:  tr:table
> with tr:tree, t:tree2 with t:table.  Once out of incubator, coming
> up with a more generic strategy so that all of the MyFaces iteration
> components can contain all of the components would be a
> very Good Thing.
> -- Adam
> On 9/4/06, Jeantine Mankelow <> wrote:
>> We are trying to convert all our tables from tomahawk tables to
>> af:tables to get the ppr functionality.  On one of our pages there is a
>> table which, amongst other things, is inside a tree2 component.  While
>> everything renders fine, if there is more than one table inside the tree
>> we are not able to save changes to the any table but the last one.  From
>> spending some time in the debugger I can see that  the apply request
>> phase  looks fine, i.e I can see the new value  set as the submitted
>> value, however when the stamp state is restored in the validation phase
>> it is set to the data from the last table.  Is there possibly something
>> I am doing wrong or should I log a bug?
>> Jeantine

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