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From G√ľnther, Thorsten <>
Subject First click on command fails if PPR occurred beforehand, more elaborated
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 22:10:46 GMT

I put some more effort in the issue I described before in
"First click on commands fails if PPR occured beforehand" (8/14/06) and
"First click on commands fails if PPR occured beforehand, elaborated" (8/25/06)

The problem (first click on command fails to execute application code) occurs when the following
conditions are met:
- Facelets is used
- PPR occurred
- commandButton sits in the footer facet of a panelFormLayout

I created two very simple micro webapps: One with Facelets to show the issue and one without
Facelets to proof that the issue is not there without Facelets. They are created with jar's
from a current build of the Trinidad sample application. (11 MB)
To reproduce:

- Deploy both webapps
- Open /pprTest/faces/test.xhtml
- Enter some text in the "Text" field
- Click "Submit" to watch your text appear in the bean and the submit-counter being increased.

- Open /pprTest/faces/test.xhtml again
- Alter the text in the input field
- Select an entry from the ListBox (trigger a PPR)
- Click "Submit": Page is reloaded, model is updated (the altered text), but the submit-counter
has not been increased!
- Click "Submit" again: Now the action was executed.

- Repeat (2) and look at the HTML - Source before and after the first submit to watch the
id of the CommandButton change.

- Try /pprTestNoFacelets/faces/test.jspx to verify that there is no problem without Facelets.

Question is whether this is a problem directly in Facelets or in Trinidad (somehow misbehaving
and confusing facelets) or in both? Unfortunately I don't know the inner functionality of
Facelets by now, so I can't tell a bit. Is this the right list to ask for help with this issue
or should I present this to the Facelets-people?

Thanx very much for your ideas, pointers, whatever...


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