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From Jeantine Mankelow <>
Subject Re: Problem with af:table inside tomahawk tree2
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 06:35:05 GMT
So you don't think that there is anyway we could modify the tree2 
component to make this possible?
It is just that we really want the tr:table functionality everywhere, 
but we also want to use the t:tree2 functionality as we have different 
types of nodes to display.

I would also recommend that you change section 2.1 of your FAQ page as I 
think in it's current state I think it is slightly misleading.  I would 
have thought I could use any tr component with any standard component

      2.1. Can I use standard Faces tags with Apache Trinidad?

Yes; all standard Faces tags can be used with Apache Trinidad. You can 
even use <h:form> instead of <af:form> without losing any Apache 
Trinidad functionality.

Adam Winer wrote:
> I don't think this could work;  t:tree2 doesn't know anything about
> the tr:table, so it doesn't know to save and restore the stamp
> state on its behalf.  For now, I think you'd have to use pairs:  tr:table
> with tr:tree, t:tree2 with t:table.  Once out of incubator, coming
> up with a more generic strategy so that all of the MyFaces iteration
> components can contain all of the components would be a
> very Good Thing.
> -- Adam
> On 9/4/06, Jeantine Mankelow <> wrote:
>> We are trying to convert all our tables from tomahawk tables to
>> af:tables to get the ppr functionality.  On one of our pages there is a
>> table which, amongst other things, is inside a tree2 component.  While
>> everything renders fine, if there is more than one table inside the tree
>> we are not able to save changes to the any table but the last one.  From
>> spending some time in the debugger I can see that  the apply request
>> phase  looks fine, i.e I can see the new value  set as the submitted
>> value, however when the stamp state is restored in the validation phase
>> it is set to the data from the last table.  Is there possibly something
>> I am doing wrong or should I log a bug?
>> Jeantine

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