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From Martin Dickson <>
Subject Re: selectManyShuttle skinning
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 20:54:59 GMT
Not sure of the etiquette of answering my own question, but in case it 
is of use to someone else...

Martin Dickson wrote:

>  The default use of the Shuttle appears to be either a) only text 
> links (no icons) or b) text links and icons.  We want c) icons only.

Icon only links are now working by using a combination of traditional 
CSS and Trinidad selectors.

Common CSS:
a.xj {
visibility: hidden;
font-size: 0px;

ADF Custom CSS:
af|selectManyShuttle::move-icon {
visibility: visible;
height: 16px;
width: 16px;

[repeated with different content for move-all, remove, and remove-all icons]

The text links are still rendered -- and can be shown with a change of 
stylesheet -- but are hidden and take up no space in the default style.  
Note that using "display: none;" in the a.xj style doesn't work because 
(as far as I can tell) none of the other "display" options will override 
this even when injected inline by Trinidad.


Martin Dickson                           ph:  +64 9 3730400 x3592
User Experience Engineer                 fax: +64 9 3730401
First Data Utilities           

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