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From Jeantine Mankelow <>
Subject Problem with af:table inside tomahawk tree2
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 20:04:33 GMT
We are trying to convert all our tables from tomahawk tables to 
af:tables to get the ppr functionality.  On one of our pages there is a 
table which, amongst other things, is inside a tree2 component.  While 
everything renders fine, if there is more than one table inside the tree 
we are not able to save changes to the any table but the last one.  From 
spending some time in the debugger I can see that  the apply request 
phase  looks fine, i.e I can see the new value  set as the submitted 
value, however when the stamp state is restored in the validation phase 
it is set to the data from the last table.  Is there possibly something 
I am doing wrong or should I log a bug?


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