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From "Causevic, Dzenan" <>
Subject RE: ADF Faces v10 with NetBeans 5.5
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2006 13:26:10 GMT
Well isn't the ADF Faces and Trinidad the same thing?
I thought Trinidad is just a new name for ADF Faces which were donated by Oracle to the open
source community. I am confused but anyway...

Is Trinidad separate project? Does Trinidad allow me to create tab manues and hierarchical
trees that are expandable (windows explorer view)?
Where can I download Trinidad? What is the home page for the Trinidad project?

Dzenan Causevic
Software Web Developer
NaviSite, Inc.
Syracuse, NY
(315) 453-2912 x5346

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From: G√ľnther, Thorsten [] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2006 4:56 AM
Subject: AW: ADF Faces v10 with NetBeans 5.5

Hi Dzenan!

This is the user list for Trinidad, so maybe the people in metalink and/or NetBeans lists
can provide better help for your problem.

Perhaps you try using Trinidad and take look at the sample-application to see differences
in setup, URI or something.


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Von: Causevic, Dzenan [] 
Gesendet: Dienstag, 19. September 2006 19:48
Betreff: ADF Faces v10 with NetBeans 5.5

I needed some extra functionality for my current project, and I came across ADF Faces.
I downloaded it and I followed the instruction on the installation process. That installation
says that I need to place adf-faces-api-10_1_3_0_4.jar and adf-faces-impl-10_1_3_0_4.jar in
my projects /lib directory. However when I add those files to the lib directory I can not
run (deploy) my project from the IDE which in this case is NetBeans v5.5.

It does build the project, however when I try to run (deploy) it gives me the error message
saying that it can not find requested .jsp files

Is it possible that this is yet unknown bug with NetBeans?
Is there any other previous version such as 9, or 8 still in distribution for the download?
I would like to try with some older version and see how that works, cos I am pretty sure there
is a bug in version 10 

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