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From Martin Dickson <>
Subject selectManyShuttle skinning
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2006 03:25:32 GMT
Hi Folks,

Two (hopefully) quick questions about selectManyShuttle skinning; afraid 
I cannot find the answers in the available docs:

1) How can one turn off / not render / hide the text-only links in the 
Shuttle for "Move", "Move All", etc?
The icon links (e.g. af|selectManyShuttle::move-icon) are addressable in 
a stylesheet, but there appears to be no matching ability to style (and 
thus hide) the text only links.

2) How is the :hover pseduoclass supported in Trinidad skins?
Where we are using icons in our UI we are also using CSS to give hover 
state changes to provide positive feedback to the user, but I cannot see 
how to do this with the Trinidad skins.

2a) (OK so maybe three questions) :-)  Is there a way to set a specific 
class against each of the links in the Shuttle?
If there isn't a way of achieving :hover using the Trinidad skin I could 
easily support it via traditional CSS... provided there was a class on 
each link.  Currently however they all have the same class of "xj".


Martin Dickson                           ph:  +64 9 3730400 x3592
User Experience Engineer                 fax: +64 9 3730401
First Data Utilities           

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