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From "Adam Winer" <>
Subject Re: Coding conventions
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 15:46:37 GMT
On 7/6/06, <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Do we have a section on the site about the coding conventions we're
> supposed to follow? Currently ADF Faces seems to use the following:
> Private members and methods use underscore (_) prefix ;

Yes.  In addition, package-private use double underscore prefixes.
This is intentionally ugly;  we strongly discourage the use of
access, and in general recommend everything receive the most limited
access possible.

Constants are imported using implements on a contant interface (Shouldn't
> we use fully qualified name or static imports instead?) ;

This isn't a standard as such;  it was a common coding practice (esp.
UIConstants), but we're moving away from it.

Constants and attributes are defined at the end of the class files, after
> methods ;


Constant names are in uppercase, with each words separated with an
> underscore (standard rule) ;


Method and variable names are in lowercase except for the first letter of
> every word after the first forming them that should be in uppercase ;


Methods don't seem to appear in any specific order (any rule on this?) ;

They're *supposed* to go:  constructor, public, protected, package, private.
We've been lax in enforcing that.

Asbtract classes does not seems to be used much, instead they provide a
> protected method with a dummy behavior to be overridden ;

It varies;  it's used here and there.

Generics are used, but not always (should we convert every classes we see
> to use them?) ;

It started as a JDK 1.2 codebase, so not used all over the place.  We're
converting piece-by-piece.

> @SuppressWarning("unchecked") is not used (should we start using this when
> converting to generics is not an option? Eclipse whine much for some
> classes because of this).

Happy to have it used where necessary.  Ditto @Override.  (Again, it
wasn't a Java 5.0 codebase 'til relatively recently.)

Is there any other rule to follow?

Some obvious ones - no calls to System.out/err.println, don't discard
exceptions (unless it's entirely intentional - log them instead).  Also,
2 space indent, no use of tabs allowed at all.  I'm sure I'll think of

Can someone wikify this?


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