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From "Cosma Colanicchia" <>
Subject Re: PPR and session timeout
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 22:16:10 GMT
The problem doing that is that the original page is lost. The
container usually saves all the request parameters somewhere and
"replay" them after the login, so the response will still be a PPR
response, and for this reason it will try to find an outer page and to
manipulate its DOM, updating only the required components. This will
likely fail because the outer page doesn't exist anymore.

No, I'm not trying to keep the session alive, and I don't want to. We
may have security constraints that DO require sessions to timeout, so
unattended workstations cannot be easily used by unauthorized users.


2006/7/19, Scott O'Bryan <>:
> Oooohhh.  You're trying to prevent the session from timing out?  You can
> use the poll component I suppose or you can set your server up so that
> sessions don't time out for a REALLY long time.  You probably want them
> to time out eventually.
> Scott
> Cosma Colanicchia wrote:
> > Venkata,
> >
> > maybe I'm not getting your point, by in my script I'm trying to avoid
> > a "full page refresh". As I'm trying to keep my app as "session
> > timeout-proof" as possible, I use full client state saving and almost
> > all my managed bean are request scoped. Said that, I want the original
> > request parameters (so including the serialized component tree state)
> > to pass throught the login process, and because that was a PPR
> > requests I cannot simply load it as it was the main page (PPR response
> > seems to me to be potentially incomplete, only including the required
> > html elements and the code to replace them in the outer window). Even
> > knowing exactly what makes a request a "PPR" one, I'm not sure that it
> > is possible to safely revert it to a full request.
> >
> > So my solution was to simply have the login page showed someway, but
> > without breaking the usual PPR process, so the popup that submit
> > itself again into the _pprIFRAME. I had no full success with it,
> > because sometimes after the login the original action (a list sort,
> > for example) doesn't get executed, and the user must click again. I've
> > not researched the reasons of this.
> >
> > Regards
> > Cosma

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